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Challenges Faced by Hospitals Pharmacies

Acute need of HealthTech solutions to optimise procurement, streamline availability of medical supplies and reduce inventory costs

Need to deal with multiple vendors

Unorganized ordering system and no supply chain visibility

Inconsistent availability of products and delayed delivery

Can’t search or compare rates and schemes of multiple products at the same time

Unavailability of real time tracking of orders placed

Unavailability of Data insights – Increased procurement cost & complex inventory management

Challenges Faced by Pharmaceutical Companies

Restricted Reach

Limited visibility of products to only covered hospitals

Rate Leakage

Fake orders and leakage of special rate products for hospitals to trade

Manual Order Creation

Very Stringent order creating and approval system – No automation

Unavailability of Audited Hospital Data

Lack of Hospital market data such as – consumptions & competition

No platform to market digitally

Unavailability of data driven digital marketing solutions

Inefficient Field Connect

No remote connect of field force with Hospitals

We are not just a B2B Marketplace

We are data driven Healthtech ECO SYSTEM

Why Wizarma Healthcare?

Wizarma Healthcare’s Digital health eco system benefits all stakeholders alike :

For Hospitals

Compare the medicines with real-time prices and schemes, all on your screen No more -Excel Sheets

Choose the best and order it for your hospital with a single click

Track your order and know where are your products because we understand managing inventory without visibility is very tough

Cheapest medicines guaranteed - we are stockist but we don't believe in eating away THE MARGIN

Daily- Weekly - Monthly - Yearly dashboards, showing your ordering, dispensing and saving trends - We look forward to provide a golden jubilee dashboard too.

Preordering, automated reordering and inventory management - You carry on saving lives, we carry on saving your time

All your rate contracts and tendering needs in one tab - we will keep it simple for you

For Pharmaceutical Companies

We provide a platform to showcase your drugs across 300 hospitals present in Ahmedabad

Personalised account for your field manager: He can track all the orders and update the customers and also, he can order on behalf of purchase manager- reordering became very easy with us

Visibility of your stocks at your CFA- your Field officer can have real time data of products available at CFA - We don't believe in blind orders and late

No Fake orders - The e in our eStockist stands for ethical

No leak of product in trade - we know the prices are really special and the orders are directly given from hospital's account so no manipulations

Get approval of product entry from doctor - open the application - order for hospital - Purchaser approves via OTP and voila - We strengthened your Field officer with real powers

Automations of your whole order creating system for hospitals

Manage all your hospitals on just a single screen

Dashboards - We know how much a pharma company loves dashboard

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