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For Hospitals

Compare the medicines with real-time prices and schemes, all on your screen No more -Excel Sheets

Choose the best and order it for your hospital with a single click

Track your order and know where are your products because we understand managing inventory without visibility is very tough

Cheapest medicines guaranteed - we are stockist but we don't believe in eating away THE MARGIN

Daily- Weekly - Monthly - Yearly dashboards, showing your ordering, dispensing and saving trends - We look forward to provide a golden jubilee dashboard too.

Preordering, automated reordering and inventory management - You carry on saving lives, we carry on saving your time

All your rate contracts and tendering needs in one tab - we will keep it simple for you

For Pharmaceutical Companies

We provide a platform to showcase your drugs across 300 hospitals present in Ahmedabad

Personalised account for your field manager: He can track all the orders and update the customers and also, he can order on behalf of purchase manager- reordering became very easy with us

Visibility of your stocks at your CFA- your Field officer can have real time data of products available at CFA - We don't believe in blind orders and late

No Fake orders - The e in our eStockist stands for ethical

No leak of product in trade - we know the prices are really special and the orders are directly given from hospital's account so no manipulations

Get approval of product entry from doctor - open the application - order for hospital - Purchaser approves via OTP and voila - We strengthened your Field officer with real powers

Automations of your whole order creating system for hospitals

Manage all your hospitals on just a single screen

Dashboards - We know how much a pharma company loves dashboard